Sunday, October 21, 2012

Donkeys at the Paint Out!

 Canyon Road Paint Out--the arrival of Raphael and Cobweb...

 Here they are, cruising down the street 

 It's always a special event when donkeys come to the gallery!

 I did 2 paintings that day, this is how it started...

 Lunch break

 Raphael and Cobweb in the Santa Fe Style!

 Even a horse came to watch

 Here's the start of the second painting, lots of red

Raphael is not impressed with my sign....
He prefers the longear version with Cobweb

Time to load up, it was a great day, we sold paintings and helped
raise money for Animal Protection of New Mexico...adios, burros!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sketches at the Buck Brannaman Clinic


Buck Brannaman 

taught in Santa Fe this weekend, I was a face in the crowd with my camera and sketchbook in hand...He was funny, dry, cut to the chase with his students but not in a harsh way...and to watch him move his horses with the smoothest lightest touch was a lesson in itself.

 So many types of horses at the clinic, I loved picking up on their conformation and stance...

               Lots of standing around time for horses and students, so it was easy to draw them

 This was a very rounded quarter horse, watching the action
Here's Buck on one of his, a  lovely roan gelding

Can't wait to do some paintings from the photos, it was so good for me to just draw for a change. I have mixed feelings about drawing now, it's not as immediate for me as painting is, where I can get color,volume and line all at once. I actually don't feel like it matters too much to draw any more, my focus is on the canvas, but I guess my years of drawing must be in there somewhere!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Only Constant is Change

You may have noticed, as you pass by the gallery, that the name has changed....Art, like life, reflects a constant search for beauty, truth, identity and love....I loved being in this location, and my partner in the gallery, Aleta Pippin, wanted to move she did! Now I am the owner of Barbara Meikle Fine Art, 236 Delgado Street, and loving signs, new artists but the same glorious color...we've had a fabulous season and we are looking forward to a glorious fall..hope you will stay in this journey with me...